Denge Screw has started his activites   to put an end to external dependence to fasteners in 1996. At those years the firm has manufactured high in quality products  with opportune price and wants to transfer this missions to the new generations. 

We  started to manufacture topping screw in our first year and  then  expanded our product range by production of standart screw and  fastener. In world market to make profit is only possible with  having a strong structure, as a result of this we must accept modern management mind , we must do new and continuous investments directions to our customer’s demands and we must expand our product range according to changeable  conditions. 

   Our Vision;
Being a world  company that is working with the latest technology, high in quality and JIT ( Just in Time ) system.

   Our Mission;
Manufacturing the fasteners which cannot be done by everyone in this sector. Supplying economic contributions to fastener sector with  best quality and permanent developing mind.